The Value of Perspective

Did you ever respond to your spouse in a snappy way and realize, as the words were coming out, that you were wrong? It happens all the time to me. My wife tries to help me by offering good advice about directions or how to fix something.

My unhealthy response is to snap back because I assume she thinks I'm too stupid to know which way to go or that I wouldn't have thought to check the fuse first. Over the years, I have crushed her so many times for trying to help that now she is timid to offer advice. We were traveling a couple of years ago when our motorcycle trailer had a blowout in one of the tires. I was angry about the blowout and the damage that occurred. In order to change the tire I had to take the motorcycle out of the trailer. I took off the tie-downs and started to move the bike back. It got stuck. I pulled harder and harder with no luck. Finally, in a very timid voice my wife says, "honey you might want to move that block of wood behind the tire." Wow, that was an eye opening moment for me. From where she was standing she could see a 2x4 under the back tire. I could not. If I was more willing to listen to my wife, life could be a lot easier.

The moral of the story is that we need to learn to listen even when we don't want to. Our spouse may have a perspective that will make things easier. We need to set down our pride and let our helpmeet, our partner in this life, help us. Have a blessed day.

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