Looking Back...

If you walk backwards, you will trip on what’s in front of you. I just finished a morning devotional that cautioned about spending too much time looking at your past. Sure it’s good to look back and see where God has delivered you from. The problem comes when we stay there and fail to move forward. The children of Israel where delivered from slavery and oppression. Even when God covered them with a cloud by day, warmed and protected them as a pillar of fire at night, they still longed for the past. They failed to see the current blessing and presence of God. They looked back so often, it made them into constant complainers who didn’t even believe God after they had witnessed with their own eye. This caused them to miss out on the very best God wanted them to have. Today, are you looking back more than forward? Did your spouse hurt you? Did you feel unloved? If the Lord has done an amazing work in your life and marriage I challenge you to turn towards Him today. Run towards healing, forgiveness and love. He promises you all this and more. But, just as the children of Israel, you must trust Him. If we spend our days complaining about what we don’t have, we will completely miss out on what we do. Grab your spouse by the hand and run, run, run towards Jesus. You will never regret your choice.

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