So Others Might See

So…. we know already that we're to treat our spouse with kindness, love and respect. We know that doing those things will greatly increase the chances of having a successful relationship and avoid all kinds of drama and hurts in the process. By doing so, we also fulfill all the commands given to us via the Bible regarding marriage. But there is another reason that we may sometimes let slip our minds. Others are always watching! This is especially true of those who are aware of our faith and our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. They scrutinize every aspect of our existence, looking for any flaw that will argue against Christ and His message. Do we treat our spouse in such a manner, in private but especially in public, that will prompt folks to wonder “what is so different about those two”? Let’s apply the love principle as found in John 13:35, “By this will all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Does this apply even to marriage? Absolutely. We’re to love without walls, conditions or reservation. Everyone, all the time. How much more should this apply to the one God gave us to spend our entire lives with; the one who has committed their very existence into our care? Bottom line: begin to view your marriage relationship as a ministry! Pray over it and for it. Invest your time and treasure. Feel pride and responsibility and ownership. Work hard at it. And always remember, your marriage is speaking of Jesus and who He is, all the time. So go out there, lavish love on each other and show the world a glimpse of our wonderful Savior!

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